Are you a visionary with a brilliant idea stuck in Implementation Purgatory?

Well, I’m glad you’re here.  My name is Mary and I help small business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs impress online.  I know how to navigate the online world, getting your message out to all the right channels.

Let’s start clearing your to-do list!  Here’s what I bring:

Killer Content

Build SEO content that speaks to your client.  As a former journalist, I know how to write clear, persuasive, researched copy. As an inbound marketer, I know how to make that copy work for you.  Good writing is only as good as it converts.

Technical Know-How

Stuck getting all your awesome content distributed to the right channels?  I know WordPress, Divi, Mailchimp and Aweber.  I’m a Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram pro.

Admin Support

Drowning in tasks you can’t finish no matter how hard you try?  As a professional go-getter, I can help you find the right technology for your project, stay organized, create systems or provide customer support.

There are so many hats you wear as a small business owner. Some of them are life-giving (like the actual product of the business), and some of them are not (like marketing). Wearing all of the hats had become so exhausting. I found myself not wanting to work ON my business. Blogs, marketing, Facebook…those things stressed me to think about.

After meeting with Mary for the first time, I was genuinely encouraged that she would take a load off my plate, help my business, and do a very good job at it.  And I was right, working with Mary has been AMAZING!!!  I don’t have to think about any of my online marketing.

When I read what she has created for me, I am shocked at how well she knows my business. I mean this in all seriousness, it is as if she is writing exactly what I would write about.  She has researched to the point where she sounds like she runs this kind of business.  She is very easy to work with. I give her suggestions, and she runs with them. She is self-directed. There is no hand holding.

I think all small business owners should know this is available!  The best part is not having to worry about it. My brain does not have to wonder how marketing is being run. It has taken such a load off my plate.

Dr. Megan Afshar

Upstate Specific Chiropractic

It is such a relief to have someone to concentrate on my Instagram account, with great posts and beautiful pictures showcasing our product line very well!  I love the ease of communicating with Mary about what we want to focus on, and seeing engaging posts that are drawing new interest every day in our shop. It’s making people want to put down their phones and walk in our door!
Most valuable for me, I have been able to delegate an important piece of my marketing business to a trusted person, who has my company’s best interest in mind.  Mary also has an interest in who we are on a personal level, so that our posts are not only relative, but relational. And, she is not absent, but available. It’s so nice these days when you’re actually able to reach out to a vendor and get a very timely response back!
For a company looking to improve their presence online and on social media, I would definitely recommend Mary. You will see immediate results!
Debra Weaver

Owner, Vintage Now Modern

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