You have an amazing product or service and are trying to get the word out.  All the clicks, shares and sales you thought you’d get are nothing but…crickets.

Instead of giving up in despair, make sure your posts (any content, really) include these 6 things:

1.  The reader comes first – Have you spent time getting to know your customer?  I see so many businesses talking about what they do well.  I hate to tell you this, but your customer doesn’t care.

Unless…it helps them.  It’s what they’re looking for.  It meets their needs.  It’s a solution to one of their problems.

See the pattern here?  It is absolutely core that you get in the mind of your reader and write to a real person.  If you don’t know, ask.  Send out surveys, gather feedback, listen to comments.

2.  Identify one need –  Gosh, we want to cram it all in one article, don’t we?  Think of your customer as a little bird you’re feeding with a teeny spoon.  Don’t shove everything you know down their throat at once.

Each blog post should have one central idea.  (Ideally, a very specific problem you are helping your customer solve).  If you find yourself wanting to veer off onto another main topic, congratulations!  You’ve just discovered content for another blog post.

3.  Offer a solution – Jane just started weight training and is struggling to get through her workouts.  You have a nutrient-rich drink that will make her bust through her time at the gym.

Problems and solutions go together like salt and peppa.  Don’t just talk about the problem.  Don’t just talk about the solution.  They go together.

(Oh and make sure you address any objections your customer might be thinking:  Does it taste good?  Does it really work?  Is it expensive?)

4.  Swap statements out for questions – Most of us scan, scan, scan our way through the internet until we find something worthy of our time.

A well-placed question that prods at a paint point is worthy since our brains are driven to problem solve.  (Do you feel like you’re wading through sludge during your work-out?  vs.  This drink will make you fly through your work-out!)

5.  Use testimonials – As soon as you can, start collecting testimonials.  Nothing builds up trust like someone else telling your reader how wonderful you are.

6.  Goal/Call-to-Action – Every post should have a goal.  What do you want your reader to do?

Buy your product?

Click a link?

Sign up for your email list?

Download a coupon?

Call and make an appointment?

Your goal and your call-to-action go hand in hand, so before you start writing, figure out the one thing (one thing only, please) you want the reader to do when they are finished with your post and write an appropriate call to action at the end.

Oh, and make sure it’s something that will put money in your pocket (at least down the line).  Liking you on Facebook is not that thing, friends.  Signing up for your email list is.


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